As a Millard resident for 30 years, parent of four boys who attended Millard Public Schools, and a 2018 Tribute to Women Honoree awarded by the the Women’s Center for Advancement, I am passionate about serving my community.

My key drivers for running include:

1) Build creative funding strategies to retain ALL funding in our Public Schools.

2) Leverage programs through specialized learning for Special Education, Academic Counseling, and Behavior/Mental Health. We must help all students, our future leaders, become successful. When students feel good about themselves, feel heard, they become engaged, which leads to academic and citizen success.

All people can learn. At an earlier age, much more can be done to address a child’s emotional needs. We need to provide additional Behavioral Health staff and additional teacher credential opportunities so they can proactively help identify and teach children with learning disabilities or gifted students, like our four boys. Based on my own experiences with the AP, IEP and 504 plan process; I know that if I can help students and parents find their path to success then it’s a win-win for us all.

3) Build partnerships between students, teachers, parents, and the board to increase communication, accountability, and engagement.

Applying my passion and qualifications as a front-line parent, I will bring a dimension of diversity to the Millard Public Schools Board. Diversity is not just about race. Diversity means bringing energy, fresh talent, and ensuring inclusion for all. Diversity enriches our lives. My heart is in serving and helping others just like my father did as a minister.

I will be honored to represent you as a public servant for Millard Public Schools Board.