Community Service

As a 30 year resident of Millard, I have devoted my life to community service to honor my family.  In addition to being a working mother who is raising a family while being an HR leader for a nonprofit, I know serving others and building relationships is how we create a better community. Here are some examples of how I’ve been of service in our community:

Human Resources Leader for the past 25 years
Society for Human Resource Management Member
Human Resources of the Midlands member
2018 Women’s Center for Advancement Tribute to Women Honoree
Women’s Fund of Omaha Circles Group
Latino Center of the Midlands Board Member
Healthcare Sector Board Member
Millard Public Schools Foundation Board Member
Past Women’s Leadership Council, College of St Mary
Past Women’s Auxiliary Board Member, Latina Resource Center
Nebraska Democratic Party Latinx Caucus Chair
Nebraska Democratic Party State Executive Committee
Morrison Exon Awards State Committee Co-Chair (2017-2018)
Past CD2 Latinx Caucus Membership chair
Douglas County Delegate
Past Douglas County Latino Representative
Volunteer for Obama Campaign (2 terms)
Volunteer for Hillary Clinton  Campaign
Volunteer for Tony Vargas Campaign
Volunteer for Amanda Ryan Campaign
Volunteer for Heath Mello Campaign
Volunteer for Wendy DeBoer Campaign
Volunteer for Women’s March 2017
Whiteclay Committee
You Go Girl Summit Planning Committee
Volunteer for Monroe Meyer Garden Walk
Nebraska Transition College – New Volunteer/Good Doer