Dulce Sherman is a driven leader in human resources, community activist, proud mother, and 30-year resident of Millard who is running for Millard Public School Board.




As a parent of four boys who all attended public schools in Millard, I am passionate about our Millard Public Schools. I want all children to have access to a quality education in the Millard School District like our boys did.

Our boys participated in sports, reading programs, and AP programs. They received scholarships and benefited from Counseling & Special Education Services.

A native of Nebraska having lived in Millard for the past 30 years, I understand Millard. When our boys were little, I volunteered for many years in their classrooms, PTA, parent task force, and served as headroom parent, scholarship applications committee member, and baker for many carnivals and teacher appreciations.

As a dedicated mom, I obtained my undergraduate and master’s degree while I working full-time as a human resource leader. For the past 25 years, I have worked on complex employee related situations, to include unions as well as written and interpreted policy. I have led teams of up to 10 team members, presented to large and diverse groups, managed budgets, and understand the requirement to remain professional, unbiased, and confidential in decision making.

Having predominantly worked in the for profit sector, I felt something was missing in my career. I decided to become more of a public servant to our community and work in the nonprofit industry while volunteering in civic engagements. In addition to my commitment to my family and career, I have volunteered on the past three presidential campaigns and for several local political candidates in Omaha. I also serve on the Douglas County Democratic Party Executive Board as the Latino Representative, Douglas County Latino Caucus Membership Chair, At-Large Delegate on the Nebraska Democratic Party State Executive Committee, Member of the Nebraska Democratic Party State Latino Caucus, and have volunteered on several award committees. I also currently serve on the Women’s Fund Women’s Circle and Latino Center of the Midlands Board. I am proud to have served on many others in the past because public service has always been important to me.


As a Millard resident for 30 years and parent of four boys who attended Millard Public Schools, I am passionate about serving my community.

My key drivers for running include:

1) Build creative funding strategies to retain ALL funding in our Public Schools.

2) Leverage programs through specialized learning for Special Education, Academic Counseling, and Behavior/Mental Health. We must help all students, our future leaders, become successful. When students feel good about themselves, feel heard, they become engaged, which leads to academic and citizen success.

All people can learn. At an earlier age, much more can be done to address a child’s emotional needs. We need to provide additional Behavioral Health staff and additional teacher credential opportunities so they can proactively help identify and teach children with learning disabilities or gifted students, like our four boys. Based on my own experiences with the AP, IEP and 504 plan process; I know that if I can help students and parents find their path to success then it’s a win-win for us all.

3) Build partnerships between students, teachers, parents, and the board to increase communication, accountability, and engagement.

Applying my passion and qualifications as a front-line parent, I will bring a dimension of diversity to the Millard Public Schools Board. Diversity is not just about race. Diversity means bringing energy, fresh talent, and ensuring inclusion for all. Diversity enriches our lives. My heart is in serving and helping others just like my father did as a minister.

I will be honored to represent you as a public servant for Millard Public Schools Board.


You’re Invited!
Campaign Kickoff – April 12th from 5:30 to 7:30

Join me as I kickoff my campaign for Millard Public School Board. Learn more about me, my professional experience, education, and why I am running.

April 12th from 5:30 to 7:30

Millard Varsity Sports Cafe & Roman Coin Pizza
14529 F Street
Omaha, NE 68137

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Trac Burkhardt
Wendy DeBoer
Lynne Elwood
Christian Espinosa & Anne O’Hara
Anna Marasco & Jason Shald
Esther Mejia & Jeneen Sagon
Deborah Neary
Marta Nieves
Courtney Snyder
Senator Tony Vargas


Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me and my campaign.  I appreciate your interest.  We can accomplish a lot together through your energy and willingness to help me serve the Millard School District.    

Want to contribute? Below are several ways you can be a part of the campaign.


Financial Contribution
Every contribution is meaningful. Please donate what you feel is right for you.


Volunteer to Canvas
Volunteers are an important part to any successful campaign. I would appreciate your help communicating door-to-door with voters on why I am the right candidate to serve on the Millard Public Schools Board.

To volunteer email: Dulce@Sherman4MPSboard.com

Host An In-Home Party
Host an in-home party where families and students can enjoy an informal setting to discuss their concerns. I want to understand your needs and perspectives.

To host an in-home party email: Dulce@Sherman4MPSboard.com

Display A Yard Sign
Supporting my campaign is as easy as having a yard sign posted to create more awareness.

To display a yard sign email: Dulce@Sherman4MPSboard.com